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Sauna and Steam Bath Enhance Massages at East West

East West Massage Therapy Center, in Newtonville, now features a sauna and steam room for clients that want to enhance the benefits of their massage sessions. Owner Slava Kolpakov explains that the heat of a sauna also helps to relax chronically tense muscles; open pores; cleanse the body of dead skin cells, bacteria and toxins; and open up the sinuses and promote better breathing.
Kolpakov says that saunas are ideal after any athletic activity, because they help flush lactic acid from muscle tissue when followed by a cold shower or bath. “Saunas and steam baths are ancient healing practices that detoxify the body and, when combined with an ice bath or cold shower, recharge the immune system,” he advises. “At East West, we are blending these practices with our main services and educating clients about their benefits.”
“East West combines the best of Eastern healing arts with the most effective Western modalities,” notes Kolpakov, adding that the center also offers Thai massage and other massage therapies.
Location: 709 Washington St., Newtonville 02458. For information, call 617-244-2312 or visit