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July 2011: Ahhh, the joys of simple summer living. In New England, we seem to wait all year for July to arrive.


Ahhh, the joys of simple summer living. In New England, we seem to wait all year for July to arrive. We celebrate our nation’s founding big time here; it’s a grand way to officially launch a summer season filled with fireworks, cookouts, baby showers, weddings, birthday bashes and graduation parties. How will we ever fit it all in and still have time to just “be”?
Taking time for ourselves can be easier than we tend to make it. Prioritizing what’s really important to us can give us fresh perspective that makes all the difference in our emotional state of being. Contrary to what many of us believe… we do not have to say yes to everything. I mean, nothing bad is going to happen if we take a night off and don’t make it to this or that event.
I’ve found that choosing the much anticipated occasions that feel good— even when I just think about doing them—are the ones that feed my soul. I’m getting better at politely declining the rest. Recently, I’ve discerned that my life feels good when I listen to my heart rather than my head and allow my inner emotions to gently guide me to the choices that will ultimately make me happy. When we think about it, everyone just wants to be happy… I say there’s no reason we can’t be if we allow individuals the freedom to choose the simple pleasures that make them happiest.
Once you’ve established your own criteria, we have some suggestions for leisurely summer fun with family and friends designed to satisfy. Why not try out the newest trend dubbed exercise in disguise? Lauressa Nelson explores why stand up paddling is pleasing to just about anyone over the age of 5. Check out the particulars on page 16 and at Charles River Canoe & Kayak, with five fun locations all around town (page 17).
In more good news, summer berry season is here. Judith Fertig clues us in on the bountiful health benefits of these tasty gems on page 26. Casey McCann then lists spots for “Some Berry Good Local Pickin’” throughout Southeastern Middlesex County where pick-your-own sun-warmed fields await (page 28).
In a creative spin on making life easier, less costly and more fulfilling every day of the year, writers Neal Gorenflo and Jeremy Adam Smith explain how “Sharing Our World” is the answer to some of today’s biggest challenges (page 18). We included many helpful go-to website resources.
As you’re slipping into the pool, ocean or river for a dip this summer, consider taking along the family dog. On page 30 Ann Brightman provides safety tips to ensure that a fun time is had by all. We were surprised to find out that many cats can swim as well! Although it’s not their favorite thing, it’s good to know that we can take steps to keep all of our furry friends safe around water  this summer.
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Wishing you a safe and happy 4th of July,
Maisie Raftery, Publisher