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Free Wellness Program for Parents Helps ‘Make Healthy Happen’

Nina Manolson, a Somerville-based health coach, family wellness expert and mom, is launching a free 3-part video and teleclass called “How to Make Healthy Happen in Your Family: Feeding Your Kids in a World That Doesn’t.” The program will provide parents with recipes, health tips, understanding and support to “make healthy happen” in their families.

“Parents are always struggling with how to feed their kids healthy food in the face of a busy lifestyle and a junk-food society,” Manolson says. It’s a challenge, she says, because even when parents offer nutritious choices at home, kids are constantly being offered junk food at school, activities and events, and the advertising is everywhere. “But you can make delicious and nutritious food that everyone will love, without spending hours in the kitchen,” Manolson says. She adds that learning which foods cause children to be tired or moody, and why, is essential to making positive changes for everyone. “You can raise kids who love healthy food,” she says.

For more information or to sign up, call Nina Manolson at 617-771-5121, email [email protected] or visit

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