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Nonprofit Helps Parents with Vaccine Issues

Vaccine Free, a nonprofit organization in Watertown, is available to help families and students with immunization decisions by providing research and counseling. Jamie Murphy, author of the book What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunization, is co-founder of the nonprofit organization. “The mission of Vaccine Free is to educate parents and other individuals about the dangers of vaccines,” says Murphy, who has been involved with the issue for more than 20 years and gives presentations on the subject. “Most people call us for help securing a religious exemption for their minor child,” he says. “In most cases, but not all, we can help.” 

Murphy notes that, by the time a child in Massachusetts reaches the 7th grade, he or she will have received 19 doses of vaccine. All vaccines have a mixture of toxic chemicals, he says, including aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury and antibiotics.

Vaccine Free is located at 12 Lloyd Rd., Ste. 3, in Watertown. For more information, call 617-780-1754 or visit