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Screening for Nutritional Deficiencies

Pam Pearson of Usana Health Sciences now offers nutritional deficiency screenings through muscle response testing. The non-invasive procedure involves testing the body’s response to slight pressure on a large muscle for information about nutritional deficiencies. Pearson says there are 26 test points on the body associated with various nutrients, from vitamins and minerals to fatty acids, which allow for a thorough assessment. “While I believe in a healthy diet first, almost everyone has holes in their nutritional profile,” she says. “This quick, painless process allows me to develop a custom plan for each person, to correct any imbalances and move them closer to optimal health.”

Pearson works individually with children and adults, as well as with other health and wellness professionals, such as personal trainers, fitness directors, yoga teachers and licensed health-care practitioners. She travels to her clients’ locations and makes special arrangements for group screenings.

Usana Health Sciences develops scientifically advanced nutritional, personal-care and weight-management products. Usana manufactures most of its products in its own state-of-the-art facility.

To make an appointment, call 978-877-6122 or email [email protected]. For more information, visit