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Boston Body Balance Offering Free Rolfing Consultations

Certified Rolfer Jazmine Fox-Stern opened Boston Body Balance in Cambridge and Boston to help those suffering from aches, pains, injuries from overuse and exhaustion. She offers free consultations to those who have questions about how Rolfing Structural Integration (SI) help with these and other physical issues. “Rolfing SI can rebalance your body, reduce aches, pains, and injuries and improve athletic performance,” says Fox-Stern. “It uses hands-on work and simple movements to release restrictions in connective tissue and make good posture effortless, leaving more energy for joyful living.”

Previously, Fox-Stern had a Rolfing practice in Boulder, Colorado, where she helped long-distance runners recover from injuries and improve their times and also helped others overcome chronic pain. “The changes I see in people’s lives when their bodies start moving more efficiently are inspiring,” she says. “I love helping people find new options for embodied joy and comfort.”

Boston Body Balance is located at 2557 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge and 581 Boylston St., Suite 302, in Boston. For more information, call 617-308-7104 or visit