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Holistic Nutrition Company Expands Delivery Nationwide

MacroMediterranean Holistic Nutrition, based in Boston, will begin shipping its healthful, unprocessed, macrobiotic meals nationwide in January 2012. Company president Jeremy Hayward-Thomas says the expanded shipping option allows people to lose weight and eat healthfully wherever they are for less than $100 a week. “Eating healthfully can be easy and affordable,” he says. “Many of our clients report saving money with our service compared to what they used to spend on groceries.” Shipping time is between one to three days, depending on the destination.

The company’s Holistic Meal Delivery program was developed after a 2009 doctor-led study showed marked health improvements among participants who ate Macro-Mediterranean’s macrobiotic meals for one month. Improvements included increased energy, improved skin health, weight loss, reduced bloating, less chronic pain, lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels and a reduced need for diabetes medication. More information about this study is available at

For more information about MacroMediterranean Holistic Nutrition and the Holistic Meal Delivery Program, call 617-535-5300, write [email protected] or visit