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Overcome Emotional Eating and Reduce Stress

Stress-management coach Nickola Turner presents a program to overcome emotional eating beginning January 14 at The Healing Center in Arlington. Turner will use scientifically proven, heart-centered, stress-management techniques and biofeedback to identify and manage emotional eating patterns. Participants will meet one-on-one with Turner before attending the four group sessions on January 18 and 25 and February 1 and 8.

“This time of year, many people are making resolutions and this is the missing piece that will ensure success,” says Turner. “Most know the ‘what’ of healthy eating, but I give them the ‘how’ in the form of tools that make the lifestyle changes permanent by overcoming emotional eating habits.”

Turner says that participants will learn heart-centered stress-management techniques to reduce emotional eating and help with insomnia, high blood pressure and test performance. “It’s reported that nearly 90 percent of all visits to health-care providers result from stress-related disorders,” Turner notes. “Stress has been implicated as a precursor in heart disease, cancer and diabetes.” Turner says that her coaching program will help people to harness the power of their heart/brain communication to reduce the stress response, stop emotional eating and manage anxiety and depression.

For more information and to register call 617-680-1134 or visit

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