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52 Small Changes for the New Year

Brett Blumenthal, CEO of Sheer Balance/Be Healthy, Inc., is pleased to announce the debut of her new book, 52 Small Changes. Available January 3 in Kindle and print versions, the book outlines one small change for each week of the year, covering such areas as nutrition, exercise, stress management, mental wellness and the home environment. “Most everyone vows at some point to make a major life change, and the New Year is a popular time for that,” says Blumenthal, a wellness coach and award-winning writer. “But change is easier said than done, especially when it comes to better managing our wellness amidst the chaos of everyday living.”

Blumenthal says that while her method is not a quick fix, it is simple and practical. “It’s the small changes that are the most realistic,” she says. “Instead of trying to overhaul our lifestyles all at once, we can make changes at an easy, manageable pace for lasting results.” 52 Small Changes will be available for purchase on and

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