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Shamballa Reiki I Class in Brighton


Mimi Rhys, L.M.T., of Phoenix Healing Arts will present a class on Shamballa Reiki I on February 19, from 1 to 3:30 p.m., in Brighton. The $50 fee includes materials and a Reiki attunement; a deposit is required to hold a place in the class. Rhys, a Shamballa master healer teacher who has been teaching and practicing since 2002, says Shamballa is a higher-energy level of Reiki than Usui, which is more commonly known.

“The healing abilities you acquire when you are taught Shamballa are as powerful as any other Reiki, but they are only a by-product,” Rhys explains. “The major purpose of attunement is to allow the student to bring in higher energies that will help enhance the spiritual evolution and wholeness of the world.” Rhys says that Shamballa students help heal the earth while walking on it from their very first attunement, and become part of the path of tikkun olam, which means “repairing the world” in Hebrew. Shamballa classes require less time and money than traditional Reiki classes, which enables more people to become attuned. Shamballa Reiki also can be combined with any other healing modality.

For more information, call 617-413-7174 or visit