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Yoga Retreats in the Comfort of Home


David Helfand, founder of Conscious Being Yoga, announces in-home yoga retreats for anyone who wants to practice deep relaxation at home or in the office. Each retreat is open to as many people as the student requests, but the recommended maximum is five students. Retreats are typically six hours long and customized to meet the yoga and health goals of each student. Natural Awakenings readers who organize a retreat may bring a friend for free.

Helfand says at-home yoga retreats allow students to practice relaxation skills where they live. “I realized one day that the people who really need to relax are the ones who can’t put their lives on hold,” Helfand says. “That is why I started offering these retreats in students’ homes. And the beauty is that when you study something in your home, your environment becomes the reminder to relax.” Helfand adds that his retreats reduce the stress of locating and driving to yoga studios, arranging child care and juggling schedules. During the retreat, Helfand and his staff will assess options within the house that best support a continued yoga practice.

For more information, call 802-371-8745 or visit