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Winter Herbal Classes for Better Health


Madelon Hope, director of the Boston School of Herbal Studies, announces a program of weekly herbal classes for the winter. The series begins with “Healing Depression with Herbs and Food” on February 9, followed by “Heart/Mind Integration” and “Mushroom Medicine” on February 16 and 23. Classes to be offered later in the winter include “How to Reduce Pain,” “Chakra Healing with Herbs” and “Healthy Gums and Teeth.”

“These classes will help people make informed choices about how to stay healthy,” says Hope. “The focus is on gentle herbs and healthy food, and students in the ‘Healing Depression’ class will learn about herbal sedatives, mood elevators and tonics that can help them to feel more emotionally resilient.”

The Boston School of Herbal Studies is also offering an Apprenticeship Program that begins April 21 and meets one weekend a month through October. Apprenticeship students learn to identify local medicinal plants, harvest herbs and make teas, tinctures, salves, oils, poultices, herbal baths and herbal sprays.

The Boston School of Herbal Studies is located at 12 Pelham Terr., Arlington. For more information, call 781-646-6319 or visit