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Book Outlines Holistic Approach to Living Well


Wellness coach and yoga therapist Denny Richard announces the publication of his new book, Mirror/Mirror: A Holistic Approach to Living Well. Richard says that his book is intended to educate and enlighten readers about how the things they do to their bodies and environments greatly affect their minds and emotions. “Life out there is just a mirror reflecting the life inside,” says Richard, referring to the book’s title. “I hope my readers begin to understand that the world we see reflects who we are, and that we are the ones who can make a difference in these troubled times.” Richard adds that his book speaks to the notion of cause and effect, or what he calls “a karmic reaction/return that we must become aware of in order to grow as a society.”  

Mirror/Mirror is available for sale online at and and Richard will soon be releasing an e-book version as well. A former senior analyst for a corporate treasury in Boston, Richard is now an Oregon-based inspirational speaker who covers such topics as empowerment, happiness and concepts of the mind. He will donate 10 percent of all book sale proceeds to organizations that support those living with HIV/AIDS.

For more information, call 971-533-8622 or visit

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