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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

March 2012


In reviewing this issue, the Peace Signs popping up here and there grabbed my attention and got me thinking about the dynamic of peace. My generation grew up with this familiar symbol through the 1960s and 70s, one now making a comeback as a mainstream presence. When I see this reminder, I feel better. Whenever I contemplate peace, my heart instantly feels lighter.
We are seeing Peace Signs everywhere these days, on bumper stickers, tee shirts, posters, handcrafted artwork and in gift shops around the world. I wonder how many of us have been taking this symbol for granted, maybe for a very long time? We recognize it as something we believe in and that makes us feel good; we certainly want to experience more peace in our world. But how many of us consciously focus on experiencing peace deep inside and daily express it to everyone around us?
In thinking about how I can capture, hold onto and embody a more constant sense of peace, I found that seeing the symbol serves a dual purpose for me. Within these pages, it gently reminds me of loved ones, especially those who have passed. Recently, I’ve realized how feeling peaceful is critical to my personal growth. I love that I know what it is to experience occasional pockets of pure blissful being. Attaining that state more often, stringing such moments together as a conscious state of abiding in peace – has become part of my spiritual mission.
Peace has many faces and entry points. This month, Mike Murray, owner of Organic Soil Solutions, in Woburn, teaches us more about working in peace with nature as he explains the soil food web and the complexities of the delicate ecosystem beneath our feet (page 27). Doctor of Naturopathy Joshua Lloyd, of Groton Wellness Center, reminds us how balancing our lives with satisfying rest, movement and relationships helps to reduce levels of inflammation, also contributing to greater soul-satisfying peace (page 29).
Here’s to loving, living, being peace,
Maisie Raftery, Publisher