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Shawn’s Studio Introduces Pilates Reformer Group Classes


Shawn’s Studio, in Watertown, now offers Pilates reformer group classes at its newly expanded and specially designed studio. With a maximum of four participants, the classes provide a cost-effective way to achieve fitness and wellness goals in a comfortable and private setting. “Regardless of whether a client is aiming for greater strength, flexibility, body awareness or pain relief, the reformer group classes are simply a fun way to exercise,” says studio owner Shawn Giles. “Pilates has the power to transform body, mind and spirit at the deepest level, and group class participation is a wonderful way to supplement private Pilates instruction or stand alone as a means to attain optimal health.”

Maja Giles, marketing director for the studio, says the new classes will take place in a room that is aesthetically designed to stimulate the senses. “Our clients often report feeling invigorated, balanced or rejuvenated after a session, and these qualities are echoed by the vibrant yet soothing color scheme and raw materials that characterize the group studio.”

Shawn’s Studio is located at 103 Morse St., Watertown. For more information, call 617-393-3535 or visit

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