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New Classes in Belmont for Core and Pelvic-Floor Support

Donna Ognibene, owner of Bodytrio studio, in Belmont, is please to announce two new and unique classes for those looking to target and strengthen core and pelvic-floor muscles. PelviCore is a functional workout that gets the core muscles moving in a strong, coordinated manner. Developed by a physical therapist, this cardiovascular workout was designed to enhance strength, coordination and balance in the abdomen, hips, back, gluteal muscles and pelvic floor. “A missing link in many fitness programs is an awareness of the pelvic floor as a very important part of the core, and an area where many experience long-term discomfort and weakness,” says Ognibene. “Many traditional classes can, in fact, further exacerbate pelvic floor and core weaknesses or related problems.”

The other new class is Bodytrio Barre, which offers dynamic balance and standing core work, unlike abdominal work that is usually done on the floor. “Our own Total Body class with the addition of barre work optimizes cardio, strength, flexibility and balance using fun and functional movements that translate to everyday wellness as well as athletics,” says Ognibene. “The barre acts as an additional prop and has nothing to do with dance or ballet, but everything to do with length and strength.”

Bodytrio is located at 21 Alexander Ave., Belmont. For more information, call 617-489-1319, email [email protected] or visit