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Self Care for Women’s Health

Apr 30, 2012 10:06PM ● By Kate Genovese RN, Reiki Master

Many women today are working full-time and taking care of their families. Busy days may find them eating on the run or skipping meals, running from task to task and eating poorly at the end of the day. These behaviors, when combined with stressful and demanding lives, can leave many women at risk for heart disease, strokes and preventable diseases. Waiting for life to get calmer before beginning a self-care program rarely works. Fortunately there are many simple things that women can do in their existing lives to enhance their wellbeing.

In the morning try eating something healthy, such as fruit and yogurt with the kids, before the day starts to fuel the body and boost the brain. Develop a habit of taking ten-minute breaks in the morning, afternoon and evening. Use these breaks to do some yoga stretches, walk around the block, or take several deep and nourishing breaths. Ideally, those ten minutes will turn into twenty on some days, energizing the body, mind and spirit and eliminating the habit of reaching for caffeine or sugary snacks during energy slumps.

When sitting in traffic or standing in line, try practicing mindful meditation to pass the time. A few deep breaths and visualizations of soothing places in nature can relieve tension instantly. These kinds of practices can also lower blood pressure. Don’t forget to talk, laugh, and nourish body and soul over dinner or tea breaks with friends, romantic partners and family members.

Reiki is another technique that’s used to relax and renew. This gentle form of hands on healing can ease the stress of the day, reduce anxiety, and bring forth peace and pleasure. Reiki has also been known to restore immune function and improve circulation throughout the body.

Take advantage of health insurance wellness programs to stop smoking, lose weight or receive nutritional counseling. These programs can also be helpful to women dealing with pregnancy, menopause, and diagnoses of breast or ovarian cancer. Often times these illnesses are not a death sentence but a chance to make healthy lifestyle and dietary changes.

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