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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

May 2012

In honor of Mother’s Day and in keeping with Natural Awakenings tradition, our May issue highlights Women’s Wellness. Next month we turn to Men’s Wellness because we want all the men and women in our lives—including ourselves—to be in top-top shape!

I admit to growing up oblivious to the larger concepts of “wellness” and “self-care”; I further confess that I’m not the best at caring for my own health. Sure, I’ve done all the must-dos that are expected, from yearly physicals to eye exams and dental cleanings; you know, the minimum covered by insurance barring anything catastrophic happen.

Yet, with every month of enlightened education, it becomes harder to ignore the fact that we each pretty much control our day-to-day physical state. I am grateful for all the expert information I absorb poring over articles in Natural Awakenings and especially for all the experts in our Boston area natural health community that have dedicated their lives to teaching others how we can better take control of our own lives and realize optimal health and well-being.

Recently, I was unpleasantly reminded yet again of some old habits I have lugged around for far too long. Last month at the Health and Wellness Show, I was recruited by Dr. Julie Burke of Newton Chiropractic and Wellness to submit to an antioxidant scan. The results were sobering, well below what could be considered a healthy level; the experience pulled me up short with the stark reality of what happens when we ignore self-care.

My excuses abound: I’m too busy, there’s no time to prepare fresh organic meals; I’ll do better after I finish this task, which inevitably runs into the next task. Poppycock! All of it is totally within my control and correctable with some focused effort on my part. So now I’m really enjoying the cup of blueberries I’ve added to my morning routine.  I’m even looking forward to seeing my next scan showing good progress, thanks to Dr. Burke.

The fruits of wellness within these pages are ripe for plucking by anyone willing to take control of their personal well-being. This month, yours truly found the “Ways to Avoid Manmade Estrogens” from our feature article, “The Hormone Balancing Act,” by Kathleen Barnes of particular interest (page ???). Who knew that household chemicals and personal care products contain plaguing manmade estrogen-like substances? Dr. Gary Kracoff, of Johnson Compounding, offers invaluable advice on rooting out core causes of hormonal imbalance in “Explore Underlying Issues before Balancing Hormones,” on page ???.

On a related note, our Green Living department by Ed Begley, Jr. addresses another way to achieving healthy people on a healthy planet in “Green Washing Update: How to Be a Smart Shopper.” At Natural Awakenings, we work hard to ensure that we are representing businesses that live up to their claims of being green with integrity and genuine concern for the greater good.

May this and every issue help you to enhance your life.

To your wellness,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher