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New Book Explores How Thoughts Affect Weight


Dr. Irina Koles, of Boston, is excited to announce the release of her new book, Taste of Thoughts: Improve Your Health and Whole Life. In the book, Koles explores how what people think can affect their weight. “Despite the large availability of diet plans, fitness centers, nutritional information and healthy food, people are still overweight and obese,” says Koles. “I think it’s because weight problems often originate from a person’s mindset.”

Koles says that many people who successfully lose weight with diet and exercise programs end up gaining the weight back, indicating that the problem needs to be addressed on a much deeper level. “First we’ll look at what’s in someone’s mind, then we’ll look at what’s on their plate,” she says. “The proven way to successful weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to determine someone’s eating blueprint and reprogram their mind.”

Formerly a primary-care physician, Koles now works as a weight-loss and life coach. She is also a motivational speaker who founded the workshops Journey to Your Destiny and Choose Your Weight. Taste of Thoughts is not a nutrition guide, Koles notes, but a selection of strategies for living a healthier and happier life.

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