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Natural Awakenings Boston

August 2012

I hope that, like me, you are taking full advantage of the classic New England summer we’re enjoying this year. That’s my excuse for writing my letter to you in the wee hours of deadline day, although I also suspect my tendency to procrastinate on writing projects, a habit I hope to remedy.

Finding ways to balance myriad aspects of life so it all works both personally and professionally has proven one of my greatest challenges, especially when it comes to owning a business. There’s always something that can or should be done. Our magazine often publishes insights on how to re-center, focus, and align with priorities in order to achieve ongoing balance, yet I still find myself frequently wandering off track, only to be nudged back on when I’m already in sight of the tipping point.

Like any good habit, it takes practice to live in harmony, and there’s no single right or wrong way that suits everyone. What we offer in these pages is intended to educate and elevate consciousness by sharing positive messages and choices for each individual. We encourage you take what works for you and leave the rest behind; better yet, pass it along to a friend.

One new habit I am successfully practicing is gratitude. I set little reminders to myself and take a moment to look around for things I’m grateful for throughout the day. It may be something as subtle as appreciating the unlimited shades of green within trees or as grand as the blessing of an advertiser reporting great results by being associated with us. Consciously focusing on gratitude combined with daily meditation time helps me feel a bit more grounded; I find myself willing to allow balance to manifest more often.

Thus, I found Debra Melani’s article, “Barefootin’: It Grounds Us” particularly interesting this month. It’s fun to recall fond memories of childhood summers spent scampering barefoot under my favorite willow tree. Now I realize why I also feel more calm and connected when walking barefoot on the beach. I know I pay extra attention to the sand, rocks, seashells and sand castles. Whatever the reason, it keeps me in the moment—right where I’m learning to live.

Living and loving the journey right now,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher