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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy at Myers Bodywork, in Lexington


Tamar Myers, owner of Myers Bodywork, in Lexington, is pleased to offer lymphatic drainage therapy in her practice. Myers says that the modality is beneficial to anyone needing enhanced immune-system support, and safe for those who have had lymph nodes removed.

Lymph fluid travels through the body in structures similar to blood vessels, Myers explains, but it lacks a pump such as the heart to move it around. Physical movement around lymph vessels facilitates its flow, as does lymphatic drainage therapy. “The lymph system is key to our body’s immunity, carrying plasma and immune cells to where the body needs them and helping to cleanse the blood of unwanted material,” says Myers. “If your body’s immune system needs a boost, lymph drainage techniques can be helpful.”

Myers adds that those who have had lymph nodes surgically removed can benefit greatly from this therapy. “Anyone who has had even one lymph node removed is at an increased risk of developing lymphedema [lymphatic obstruction],” she says. “Lymph drainage techniques are safe to receive if you have had lymph nodes removed but do not have lymphedema.”

Location: Myers Bodywork, 16 Clarke St., Lexington. For more information, call 781-862-8000 or visit