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Natural Awakenings Boston

Free Online Course to Clear Clutter and Restore Vitality


Certified Coach Daniel Sharp, of Boston Soul Coaching, is offering a free, seven-day course to help people simplify their lives, clear clutter and improve their health. The course takes place online and previews a four-week coaching and clearing program.

“This free course allows readers to take the first steps in regaining control of their lives and their health,” says Sharp. “The seven-day class will give readers a glimpse into the personal transformations that take place during the 28-day coaching and clearing program.”

Sharp says his program applies ancient traditions and wisdom to modern-day issues of health, abundance and joy. “The course is a safe and fun way to finally step up and say, ‘I'm ready for a positive change,’ and receive support through that change,” he says. The free introductory course includes seven days of clutter-clearing techniques that support improved mental, emotional and physical health. Sharp says that participants will be introduced to effective Feng Shui, meditation and creative processes that allow them to unlock hidden potential and vitality within their lives while clearing their physical space of things that they no longer wish to keep.

For more information, call 781-763-7685 (SOUL) or visit