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Cambridge Welcomes New Holistic Healing Center


Lifetime Health and Consulting (LHC) has opened its doors in Harvard Square to provide client-centered treatments aimed at restoring overall well-being. The center offers a combined approach to address the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual channels of the body, beginning with one of the most influential core organs, the colon.

“The colon facilitates the final stage of digestion and it’s responsible for releasing any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual food ingested by the body,” says LHC Owner Sage Joya. “A complete detoxification of the colon is essential to any wellness program.” LHC’s current services include guided colon hydrotherapy, massage, Reiki, holistic counseling and beginner yoga classes for groups and individuals.

Joya says that each client will receive a personalized approach to his or her health care through a tailored protocol that addresses individual needs. The center is also seeking unique alternative health practitioners to join their team.

Location: Lifetime Health and Consulting, 1166 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge. For more information, call 617-710-1337 or visit

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