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Free Health Assessments Using Innovative Technology

Pam Pearson, founder of Wealthy Healthy Women, is offering free health assessments using new, patent-pending technology from Usana Health Sciences. The True Health Assessment (THA) collects data about health goals and lifestyle, food preferences, eating habits, health concerns, medications and supplements to create personalized reports and recommendations.

“This technology is a game changer,” says Pearson. “It provides the knowledge we need to make powerful changes and complies with federal health insurance guidelines. I’ve never seen any tool quite this comprehensive.”

Pearson is also sharing the patent-pending True Health Companion (THC) with clients, which picks up where THA leaves off by creating meal plans, recipes and shopping lists. It also reminds people of the supplements they need to take. “THC will record your weight-loss goal and help you achieve it by graphing your weekly nutrient intake and providing you with exercise tips and videos,” says Pearson. “It also lets you share your success on social media. These two applications together provide an optimal assessment, planning and tracking solution for people wanting to take charge of their health.”

For more information or to schedule a free health assessment, call 978-877-6122, email [email protected], or visit