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Natural Awakenings Boston

A Program to “Make Healthy Happen” in the Family

Arlington-based Nina Manolson, founder of Healthy Yummy Kids and Smokin’ Hot Mom, presents Make Healthy Happen in Your Family, a five-week program for parents who want to feed their families well. The program will be held online beginning October 15 and includes practical tools, community support and guidance from Manolson, a health coach and author of Feed Your Kids Well in a World that Doesn’t.

“Between after-school activities that are scheduled during dinner time, peer pressure, busy schedules and a whole generation of picky eaters, it can feel like an uphill battle to make healthy eating happen in our families,” says Manolson. “Moms need a solution, and they need healthy eating to be easier.”

Manolson says that children who eat a healthy, whole-foods diet are generally calmer, more focused and more successful in school. “Food preferences and eating habits are formed in childhood, so teaching kids healthy habits sets them up for a lifetime of health,” she says. “The way our culture is feeding our children is not working. They are facing more adult diseases at earlier ages, so we need to strengthen our children’s bodies instead of weakening them with highly processed foods.”

To receive $100 off the program, register at and enter the code NATURALMOM. For more information call 617-771-5121 or visit