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Network Spinal Analysis

Sep 28, 2012 09:30PM ● By Julie Burke

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is an “evidence-based” approach to wellness developed by Dr. Donald Epstein of Colorado. It utilizes specific analysis and adjusting methods, incorporating low-force adjustments applied at specific points along the spine as well as specific positioning of the patient. The term “network” refers to NSA’s use of strategies from a network of chiropractic techniques.

The analysis allows the practitioner to know precisely which area to treat and which type of force to apply at precisely the correct time. Using this information, the practitioner is able to assist the nervous system to develop new strategies to dissipate tension from the spine, nerves and muscles, as well as to decrease pain and the “defensive posturing” created from past trauma. The goal is to create a more self-correcting, self-reliant nervous system that taps into the body’s vast “innate intelligence” and allows it to heal itself. Network Spinal Analysis is practiced exclusively by doctors of chiropractic and requires extensive post-doctoral training.

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