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Atlantic Green Energy Offers BPI Energy Audit Course

Atlantic Green Energy (AGE), of Seabrook, New Hampshire, is hosting a four-day, intensive Building Analyst Course for Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification. The class, presented by BPI, will be held at AGE from October 8 through 12 and includes classroom instruction and hands-on field training with diagnostic equipment in a home. The fee includes all exams required for BPI certification in conducting home-energy audits.

In addition to hosting such classes, AGE offers solar-energy systems and equipment for homes and businesses, including a variety of solar-powered generators. “We’ve been selling these generators to homeowners in Uganda, where they’re using them for their primary power, and in Haiti and Nigeria as backup generators,” says George Hurley, president and owner of AGE. “Aside from the fact that there is no impact on the environment, our customers are thrilled to be rid of the noise, harmful chemicals, fumes and constant maintenance commonly associated with gas-powered generators.” The systems run silently and require little to no attention.

AGE has also teamed up with Induction Light Technology and U-Gro Hydroponic Garden Systems to make year-round home gardening simple and easy. The U-Gro system, which holds 30 plants, is powered by Induction’s grow lights, which require little power and last up to 100,000 hours (22 years). AGE’s solar panel and battery backup system power the grow lights.

Location: Atlantic Green Energy, 255 Lafayette Rd., Seabrook, NH. For more information, call 603-474-2550 or visit