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Natural Awakenings Boston

October 2012

People love to honor good causes by designating a special day or month of the year and October’s namesakes include National Chiropractic Month and National Positive Outlook Month. I’ve taken advantage of the former and am partial to the latter because it seems that nearly everyone I meet in my journey as publisher of this healthy living/healthy planet magazine is happily embracing life and looking to help others as well as Mother Earth. How fortunate I am to be able to share this energy with you!

This month, Natural Awakenings’ annual Environment issue also celebrates the new thinking that drove this year’s Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, led by Brita Belli’s feature article, “Shaping the Future We Want: Global Commitments to Catalyze Change.” This vital event drew leaders from around the world to boldly specify their practical commitments to sustainability.

With perfect timing, I received an invitation from the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (, to tour the Mass Clean Energy Center’s ( Wind Testing Technology Center as part of their SBN On Tour program. As the nation’s first large-scale wind blade testing facility, it qualifies efficient blade designs for manufacturers and continually raises the bar for design engineers here and abroad.

Private and public partnership is critical to sustained widespread progress, and that’s triply true in our nation’s ability to shift from nonrenewable fossil fuels to accelerated development of renewable energy technologies. Advocates note that this year marks the end of federal tax credits for building wind turbines, a potential setback in timely advancement of wind technology we would do well to overcome.

Nature continuously supplies us with enough “free” energy to harness and light our world courtesy of her sun, wind, water and geothermal gradients and I am among those that believe America’s future quality of life depends on our country’s successful transition to a new economy supported by renewable energies and planet-friendly industry. To do this, our state is among those working to ensure that our country has an educated and experienced workforce capably trained and ready to compete in the global market.

Massachusetts currently supports a plentiful landscape of solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal companies ready to help homeowners and businesses take advantage of the cost-efficient power nature has placed at our doorsteps. Why not call one today to explore the immediate and ongoing rewards of creating a sustainable future for your family?

How great it is that healthy living is green and green living is healthy,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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