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Natural Awakenings Boston

Free Workshop on Tips for a Healthy Menopause


Emily Chan, a naturopathic doctor at Modern Integrative Medicine, in Cambridge, will present a free workshop featuring tips for a healthy menopause. The workshop will be held from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. on November 12 at the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine, also in Cambridge.

“Menopause can be a beautiful phase of life and I want to support women in going through it comfortably and gracefully,” says Chan. “Due to our stressed-out lifestyles, many women enter menopause with adrenal fatigue. While the adrenals usually make sufficient sex steroids after the ovaries have shut down, fatigued adrenals can cause women to experience increased discomfort with a drop in hormone levels.”

Chan says her workshop will feature tips for having a healthy, natural menopause, along with information about an herb that’s been found to be effective in reducing hot flashes. “Safe and low-risk interventions should always be used first,” says Chan. “The good news is that they can also be effective.”

Cost: Free. Location: Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine, 777 Concord Ave., Suite 301, Cambridge. For more information or to register, email [email protected], call 617-299-6151 or visit