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Fully Automated, Customized Exercise and Nutrition Program at Koko FitClub


Koko FitClub, in Brookline and West Roxbury, now features ground-breaking technology to improve and track health and fitness. The club has introduced FitCheck as the centerpiece of its award-winning Koko Smart Training system to guide members toward their fitness goals.

“Science shows that being fit and healthy at any age isn’t about a certain weight on the scale; it’s really about what that weight is made up of,” says owner Lana Lemeshov. “Koko FitCheck is medical-grade, body-composition-measurement technology that analyzes and tracks a member’s level of lean muscle and uses this information to precisely customize each workout.”

In January, FitCheck information and exercise data will also be used to prescribe a customized nutrition program. With these advancements to the patented Smart Training system, Koko is now the first and only fully automated, customized exercise and nutrition program in the nation. “Our members see incredible transformations in their bodies from the strength training,” says Lemeshov. “The inches are coming off and their clothes fit differently. FitCheck allows them to measure results by focusing on their lean muscle levels, a true indicator of their health and fitness.”

Location: Koko FitClub, 39 Harvard St., Brookline, and 77 Spring St. (Shaw’s Plaza), West Roxbury. For more information or to schedule a free training session, call 617-566-5656 (Brookline) or 617-325-4800 (West Roxbury) or visit