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Dr. DoMore Educates People About Holistic Medicine for Animals

Oct 29, 2012 04:47PM ● By Lynda Bassett


As more people discover the benefits of complementary medicine, it follows that they would also want to treat their pets holistically, right? Such is the philosophy of Dr. Margo Roman, DVM, owner of Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton (MASH), in Hopkinton. To spread her message, Roman produced Dr. DoMore, a documentary that plays on the title of a popular movie.

“Instead of Dr. Dolittle, we have Dr. DoMore, because we wanted to show people that you can do more to care for your pets,” says Roman. “If your pet is in pain, why wouldn’t you try it?”

The documentary features interviews with veterinarians from around the world who speak about the importance of integrative medicine for animals. Roman, who has been practicing and teaching integrative and complementary veterinary medicine for decades, developed the film with Simone Hnilicka, a MASH client and documentary filmmaker. Hnilicka says she was inspired to create the documentary after seeing how her own dog benefitted from such holistic therapies as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, herbs and dietary changes.

Their partnership also led to the development of The Center for Integrative Veterinary Care (CIVC), a nonprofit organization that promotes education about complementary health and medicine for both pets and their human caretakers. CIVC’s activities include outreach and providing scholarships for veterinary students who want to study alternative medicine.

In a bold effort to raise funds for the cause, Roman developed the Dr. ShowMore calendar, featuring 12 veterinarians from around the world who’ve shed their lab coats, and just about everything else, for the provocative and educational publication. The veterinarians are shown in the buff, cleverly covered by the animals they are treating, and the cheeky photos are accompanied by comments from holistic vets and information about integrative veterinary medicine. In one image, a veterinarian uses her long hair as a curtain to conceal her body while she practices acupuncture on a dog.

“We wanted to highlight the importance of integrated veterinary medicine in a way that’s clever, funny, smart, and educational,” says Roman. “If people have fun learning something, they’re more likely to remember it.”

Sales of the 2012 Dr. ShowMore calendar raised about $5,000. This year, Roman has greatly expanded her goals. “I’d like to raise $50,000,” she says. “And it would be my dream to raise $100,000.” Purchases and donations can be made at

Dr. Margo Roman, DVM, and Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton are located at 72 West Main St., Hopkinton. For more information call 508-435-4077 or visit

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