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What Most Americans Are Missing and How to Find It

Oct 29, 2012 03:28PM ● By Donna Markussen


Most people are happy when they’re pursuing what they love because it feels so good. Pleasurable activities release dopamine, endorphins, and a variety of stress-reducing hormones and neurotransmitters into the body and mind. According to a recent Harris Interactive study, however, only 20 percent of working Americans are passionate about what they do. That means that 80 percent are unhappy and unfulfilled in their jobs.

Clarity is the key ingredient to living a passionate life. Clearly identifying one’s passions and pursuing themputs people on a fulfilling path of self-discovery and self-love. It leads to a moremeaningfullifefull of abundance and joy. People who are living in alignment with their passions make decisions from love, not fear, improving their relationships, creating careers they love, andsharing theirunique gifts and talentswith the world. They consciously co-createtheir livesinstead of living by default.

The trick for many though, is figuring out what they’re passionate about. The Passion Test is a profound processto help people get crystal clear about what they love and what’s most important to them right now. The process starts with identifying 10 to 15 passions and narrowing the list down to your top five. Next, three simple yet powerful steps will move you closer to your dreams:

Intention – Consciously stating what we choose to create in life is the first step toward manifesting it.

Attention –Noticing where our attention goes and seeing whether it’sfocused on what we want or what we don’t want.Giving our attention to that which we choose to create in our livescauses it to grow.

No Tension – Let the intention go and stay open to what is appearing now, allowing a higher wisdom to take over. By releasing our attachment to a particular outcome, wecreate the opportunity for “this or something better” to manifest.

When people live this way, synchronicity happens andthe right people, places and things show up by chance, sometimes redirecting them onto a totally different path and the fastest road to fulfillment. By identifying and living from their passions, people can focus their energy on that which is truly important and start attracting and creating the life they are meant to live. As they become more alive and fulfilled, they naturally become a brighter light to everyone around them.The rewards are contentment, high energy, joyous living, more meaningful relationships and greater personal success.

Donna Markussen is a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and owner of Your Inspired Truth, in Arlington. To learn more and schedule a free 30 minute consultation, call 781-354-4075 or visit

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