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Free Rolfing Structural Integration for Babies and Discounts for Children

Certified Rolfer Jazmine Fox Stern, of Boston Body Balance, in Cambridge, is offering free Rolfing Structural Integration (S.I.) for children under the age of 2. She is also offering discounted rates for older children.

Stern says that Rolfing S.I. helps to restore mobility and balance to the body, removing barriers to healthy development and full range of motion. “The technique involves a combination of slow, manual pressure with simple client movements,” she explains. “I modify the work for the child’s developmental phase, and it’s never forced or continued past the point when the child is tired. Babies and young children are often worked with while on the parent’s lap.”

Stern adds, “Rolfing S.I. can help people of all ages, but may be especially potent for children. A recent study at the Stanford University School of Medicine indicates that Rolfing S.I. may be helpful for improving motor skills, appetite, and maturity in children with Cerebral Palsy, the most common physical disability among children in the United States.”

Location: Boston Body Balance, 2557 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge. For more information, call 617-308-7104, email [email protected] or visit