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Introducing a Somatics Training Program in Watertown

The Somatic Movement Center, in Watertown, will present an introductory workshop for its Professional Somatics Training Program, which is scheduled to begin in September. The event will take place at the center from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on March 30.

“This is a wonderful introduction to Clinical Somatic Education, a neuromuscular re-education technique,” says Sarah Warren, owner and clinical somatic educator. “It relieves chronic pain and makes long-lasting changes to our postural habits, movement patterns and ability to manage stress.”

Warren says that the fall program will be the first ever in the Boston area to focus on somatic education, which was developed by Thomas Hanna to help people eliminate habitual muscular patterns that cause them pain. “Somatic education delivers lasting relief from chronic pain by working directly with the nervous system to release involuntary muscle contraction and help people unlearn damaging movement patterns that have been habituated over the years,” says Warren.

Cost: $150 for continuing education credit hours; $125 for non-credit. Location: Somatic Movement Center, 440 Arsenal St., Ste. 5, Watertown. For more information, call 800-762-2998, email [email protected] or visit