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Natural Awakenings Boston

Energy Theater Explores Love, Romance and Holograms

Walter Ness, director of Energy Theater, presents a performance that’s designed to activate neuropathways related to love and relationships. Love in Bloom will take place at 7:30 p.m. on March 30, at Unity Church of Somerville.

“In this performance, we’ll show the audience how to holographically re-experience happy romantic memories,” says Ness. “We’ll explore the many aspects of love through laughter, music and amazing mystical experiences in the easy-going environment of a comedy show.”

Ness says that Energy Theater takes neuroscience onstage to teach audiences how to increase their energetic abilities. The performers will present verbal comedy and humorous skits about love, relationships and romance while showing audience members how to improve their relationships by accessing holographic abilities within the brain.

“Being in a hologram lets you replay images like a video inside your brain,” says Ness. “You can also consciously enter the image and walk around in it to expand your awareness. This can help you improve your relationships by making you more aware of your own self-expression and understanding other people better.” The performance is a fundraiser to benefit the Unity Church of Somerville roof repair fund.

Cost: $10 suggested donation. Location: Unity Church of Somerville, 6 William St., Somerville. For more information, call 617-628-5558 or visit