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Natural Awakenings Boston

A Workshop for Humans on ‘The Way of the Horse’

Brian Lee

Life coach Brian Reid, founder of Horses Know the Way Home (HKTWH), will team up with his Shire mare, Brenda Lee, to offer a transformational workshop from May 24 to 26. “The Way of the Horse” will take place at Sable View Natural Horsemanship, in Stockbridge, Vermont, and offer participants the chance to learn key relationship and communication skills through working with Brenda Lee.

“Connecting with horses, we learn how to communicate through feel and intention rather than the language and logical side of our brains, which can cause blocks through worry, fear and stress,” says Reid. “We learn how to read the signals communicated to us when a connection is either made or broken, and this knowledge benefits the interactions that we have in our everyday lives.”

Reid says that he will teach personal development and self-improvement principles through The Way of the Horse, demonstrating how to apply his 13 HKTWH principles to life. “People will discover joy, balance and happiness,” he says. “They’ll also move toward and discover desires in areas where they may have been previously stuck.”

Prior experience with horses is not required to benefit from this workshop, and more information can be found at

Cost: $300. Location: Sable View Natural Horsemanship, 332 Music Mountain, Stockbridge, VT. For more information, call 401-402-0819 or visit