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Natural Awakenings Boston

May 2013 Publisher Letter

Apr 29, 2013 01:22PM

Well… so much for my usual inclination to turn away from mainstream media. I found myself uncharacteristically drawn to the endless media coverage for what felt an eternity in the days following the Patriots’ Day, Boston Marathon attack. Each time I tuned into news of the tragic aftermath only contributed to the sense of haplessness.

I told myself that I would not write about what had happened. But yet… here I sit, unable to write with original intent. I realized that my own consciously optimistic response, joined with so many others, can help raise us up in strength and hope for an end to hatred. It seems that during the comparatively short time I’ve been working in and around Boston, invisible roots have sprouted to envelop my heart and ground my soul here.

Growing up as a native Rhode Islander with a small state mentality, Boston seemed a world away. Still, I always enjoyed the typical tourist treks to Fenway Park, “Boston Garden”, “Quincy Market”, the Museum of Science and the Aquarium.

Today, I couldn’t be more proud to have the citizens of Greater Boston as the magazine’s readership community. Heartwarming stories of compassionate selflessness continue to pour in. As countless tales of strangers helping strangers have unfolded—bit by bit, my faith in humanity is being reestablished and grows stronger.

Actor Patton Oswalt stated the prospect wonderfully in his righteous Facebook post that went viral, serving as a touchstone for good people everywhere: “When you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance, or fear, or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, ‘The good outnumber you, and we always will.’”

Crises close to home can prompt us to pause and reflect on what’s really important in life. Some of us do better at keeping those values alive even as we return to our daily lives, but for others the lesson can fade over time until we are abruptly reminded again. I wish to give personal meaning to this occasion with efforts to remain ever mindful of life’s true priorities, reflected in the best moments of our journey together.

Natural Awakenings’ annual Women’s Wellness edition with Kathleen Barnes’ feature article, “Aging Gracefully,” provides some super easy-to-follow tips on staying vibrant and energetic all the way up until the clock stops ticking. It’s our quality of life every moment that counts.

We are also pleased to welcome Cheryl Sullivan, our Natural Pet Pages Coordinator to the family. An animal lover at heart, Cheryl makes this new monthly department possible. Here you will find national and local articles plus local resources for pet owners, including spay/neuter clinics, veterinary emergency services and area pet events. Special thanks go to Rick White and the team at Cityside Subaru, in Belmont, for sponsoring the next 12 months of our shelter/ rescue listings.

As always, thank you for sporting a healthy sense of community and showing the rest of the world why Boston is the birthplace and leading example of the American Spirit!

Be Boston Strong!

Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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