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Natural Awakenings Boston

Mind-Body Connection Workshop to Boost Health

Carolyn Romano

Carolyn Romano, president of the TS Center for Spiritual Studies, in Arlington, will present a talk on the latest mind-body medicine research from 7:30 to 9 p.m, May 2, at the TS Center. Romano, a longtime mindbody medicine and shamanic practitioner, will also discuss the body’s ability to repair itself.

Romano says that the mind is continually creating physiological responses in the body, both positive and negative. “You are already a mind-body medicine pro if you’ve ever worried yourself sick or saw a pile of bugs that made your skin crawl,” she says. “These mind-body ‘talents’ can similarly be used to elicit positive responses that enhance immunity, lower blood pressure and reduce stress and pain to create or restore vibrant health.”

Romano will also share the latest information from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and discuss skills that support health, well-being and deeper self-awareness. “Mind-body medicine can help you whether you are living with a chronic illness, maxed out on stress, trying to lose weight or seeking to change your life in some other way,” she says.

Those seeking a more intensive experience can attend Romano’s daylong retreat on June 1, and an 8-week mind-body skills group that begins on June 5.

Cost: $10 for the talk. Location: TS Center for Spiritual Studies, 21 Maple St., Arlington. For more information, call 508-481-2547, email [email protected] or visit