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Chronic Pain Relief Training Program in Watertown this Fall

This fall, the Somatic Movement Center in Watertown is offering the first Boston area training program in an effective method of chronic pain relief called Clinical Somatic Education. The training program begins in September and offers extensive hands-on practice with clients, as well as experience in teaching group movement classes.

The technique was developed by Thomas Hanna as a way for people to eliminate habitual muscular patterns that cause them pain. Somatic Movement Center co-owner Sarah Warren says that while many bodyworkers and fitness professionals are drawn to Somatic Education to further their learning, others come to the program with no related experience. “I came to the Somatics training with a background in interior design and dance,” says Warren. “It starts with the basics and by the end of the program, I had gained a thorough understanding of anatomy, neurophysiology and ways to address the individual needs of people with chronic pain.”

Location: 440 Arsenal St., Watertown. For more information, call 800-762-2998, email [email protected] or visit