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Low-Maintenance Lawn Seed is Safe for Children, Animals and the Environment

Pearl’s Premium, Inc., of Wayland, announces a new, low-maintenance lawn seed that saves time, money and water. The grass it yields is safe for children, animals and the water table, and it can help homeowners to reduce their water bill and mowing time by 75 percent.

“This is one of the best times of the year to use this breakthrough grass seed,” says Pearl’s president Jackson Madnick. “It only needs to be mowed once every four to six weeks and it’s a great solution for lawns, especially after last year’s drought.”

Seeking to create a “better, improved grass,” Pearl’s developed this third-generation, ultra-sustainable version that leans over to become a soft meadow when it goes uncut. “With 12-to-14-inch-deep roots, this grass rarely needs water after it is established,” says Madnick. “And with slow growth and deep roots, it never needs chemical fertilizer to stay green all year.”

To install the new grass, homeowners cut down the old lawn and weeds, rake away the clippings, spread the seed and keep it moist for a month. The product has received hundreds of favorable reviews from such media outlets as National Public Radio, Popular Science and This Old House magazines and The Boston Globe. Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed is available at Whole Foods Markets and Mahoney’s Garden Centers, and online at

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