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Natural Awakenings Boston

Free Talk on Fertility Awareness Method

Anna Churchill

Anna Churchill, a Fertility Awareness Educator-in-training, presents a free talk from 6 to 7 p.m., July 18, at the Cambridge Women’s Center. The session will describe the Fertility Awareness Method, which teaches women to observe and interpret body signals for conceiving, avoiding pregnancy and gauging their general health.

“Approximately 62 percent of women of reproductive age use a contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy, and many of these are hormonal methods that interfere with their bodies’ natural cycles,” says Churchill. “A lot of women are realizing the disconnect between trying to avoid toxins in their diets and environment while actively ingesting hormones. Many are looking for alternatives.”

Churchill says that she herself has been practicing the Fertility Awareness method for more than a decade. “This is basic information that every woman should have about her body. In this introductory session I’ll cover what it takes to learn the method, who can benefit from it, and what resources are available for more information.”

Cost: Free. Location: Cambridge Women’s Center, 46 Pleasant St., Cambridge. Space is limited. For more information, call 617-489-1906, email [email protected] or visit