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Natural Awakenings Boston

Training Program to Improve Doctor-Patient Communications

Ike Lasater, co-founder of Mediate Your Life personal development programs, presents a weekend workshop entitled, How To Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen (And You Both Get Heard), October 12 and 13, in New Haven, Connecticut.

“Many caregivers today are under intense pressure, and they have little preparation for the difficult communication issues that are inevitably part of patient care,” says Lasater. How To Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen is for anyone that has ever felt rushed or overwhelmed during a doctor’s visit and would like to build better relationships with health care providers.

According to Lasater, empathy is the key to better communication in medical settings. “My goal is to help people remember how to access that empathy and how to make clear, non-judgmental requests that are the hallmark of effective collaborations,” he says.

In September, Lasater will be offering many of his workshop elements at Brockton Hospital in Brockton Massachusetts as part of the Hospital's Schwartz Rounds program, which encourages healthcare providers to make personal connections with patients and colleagues by focusing on the human dimension of medicine.

Location: The Grove, 760 Chapel St., New Haven, CT. For more information, call 413-230-3260 or visit