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Teleclass on Listening to Symptoms as Messengers

Alison Shaw, an integrative nurse practitioner and founder of Bodymind Resourcing, in Arlington, is hosting a one-hour teleclass on listening to symptoms as messengers from 7 to 8 p.m., on Wednesday, August 28.

“In this class we’ll learn to uncover the wisdom of the body-mind connection to enhance healing, and we’ll explore illness as a teacher,” says Shaw. “Many healing traditions since ancient times have viewed illness as a symbol of underlying imbalances in body, mind and soul.”

Shaw says that her approach can be a powerful adjunct to other healing modalities and useful for both minor symptoms and major illnesses. “Instead of fighting to beat our symptoms, we can learn what’s needed to heal the root causes of our disease if we’re willing to stop and listen on a deeper level to our bodymind.”

Teleclass participants will learn about the body-mind connection and experience a guided visualization to explore any internal messages that are waiting to be heard. They will also receive tools for continuing the technique on their own. As a bonus, participants will receive a free, 40-minute private call with Shaw and a downloadable MP3 file of the guided exercise, Your Symptoms are Trying to Tell You Something.

Cost: $35. To register, call 781- 646-0686 or contact [email protected]. For more information, visit

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