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Natural Awakenings Boston

Using The Wheel of Life to Create Balance

Leigh Doherty

Certified Achievement Coach Leigh Doherty, co-founder of Designed Alliance, presents a workshop to visually explore life balance from 10 a.m. to noon, Saturday, October 19, at Saint Sava Church, in North Cambridge. The Wheel of Life Workshop will guide participants in reviewing life balance to identify areas of satisfaction and areas that may deserve more attention.

“Pausing to take a bird’s eye view of life allows you to consider each area of your life and assess whether there’s a lack of balance,” says Doherty. “The Wheel of Life is a visual depiction of life as it is now, compared with how you would like it to be. Participants will leave with an action plan for making the changes they wish to make in their lives.”

Active participation is essential in this interactive workshop, says Doherty, who will offer a free, follow-up coaching session to all attendees. “Time and time again, even the most self-aware people see things mapped out on a wheel of life in a way that brings home new information that’s vital to readjusting one’s life for the best balance,” she says. “It’s easy to go around with more weighted attention on one area and extreme deficits in other areas. This workshop can help remedy that imbalance.”

Cost: $25. Location: Saint Sava Church, 41 Alewife Brook Pkwy., Cambridge. For more information or to register, call 617-764-6268, email [email protected] or visit