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New Fecal Transplantation Therapy Restores Immune Function in Pets

Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton (MASH) now offers micro biome restorative therapy (MBRT) to help animals’ immune systems restore their natural defenses. The therapy has received coverage on National Public Radio and in such publications as the New England Journal of Medicine for its use in effectively treating Clostridium difficile infection in humans.

“This is a very natural way that young animals introduce bacteria into their gut, by eating all sorts of things, including feces,” says Dr. Margo Roman of MASH. “In veterinary care, it means giving a dog or cat a health fecal transplant from a naturally raw fed donor dog or cat that’s had limited toxin exposure and no antibiotic treatments. A chronically sick pet may be in need of something more then drugs, and MBRT and good nutrition may be what nature is calling for to restore that animal’s health.”

Roman notes that MASH has long used alternative and integrative therapies to bring about significant improvements in the health of animals. “When MBRT is used in combination with oxygen ozone therapy to remove the biofilm that occurs in weak gastrointestinal tracts, the positive health cascade can occur. There is more information about this cutting-edge care in our blog at”

Location: 72 W. Main St., Hopkinton. For more information, call 508-435-4077 or visit