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Cleansing for Health Program Begins at Groton Wellness

Groton Wellness will kick off its 2014 Cleansing for Year-Round Health Series with a 10-day program that begins on January 7. Cleanses involve a focused period of nutritional support and detoxification using whole, “clean” foods.

“We consider cleanses a way to help the body, mind and spirit reboot or revitalize, which is especially important at times of seasonal change,” says Groton events director Christine Habermann. “It’s an essential part of basic human biology that has been left out of our modern health equation.”

Habermann says that cleanses help to eliminate wastes and toxins from cells, organs and the bloodstream by replacing processed, sludge-producing foods with clean ones. “The cleanse programs help to remove built-up metabolic waste and our clients have reported weight loss, less bloating and joint pain and increased energy as a result of doing these cleanses,” she says.

Groton Wellness will support clients through the program with nutritional education, easy recipes and online support. Meals and juices are also available for those that want them. “These are easy, food-based cleanse programs that fill the belly and body with concentrated nutrition that’s delicious and satisfying,” says Habermann.

Location: Groton Wellness, Mill Run Plaza, 493 Main St. (Rte. 119), Groton. For more information, call 978-449-9919 or visit