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Liz Marcano-Pucillo, Internal Wellness Center: Colon Hydrotherapy

Liz Marcano-Pucillo became a certified colon hydrotherapist in 2008 after a successful career in the banking and real estate management industries. She became interested in colon hydrotherapy 13 years ago to address her own medical issue, and after experiencing successful results from treatment, she pursued becoming a certified therapist.

Nearly everyone can benefit from colon irrigation, a therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years. Modern, fast-paced lifestyles are tough on digestive systems, mostly due to eating the wrong kinds of food that overtax natural defenses. The accumulation of over-processed, hormone- and pesticide-laden food lodged in the digestive tract can eventually leach into the rest of the body’s systems, causing illness and disorders.

Marcano-Pucillo believes in treating the person as a whole and considers colon hydrotherapy as an important step in the holistic process of managing one’s health and well-being. It is this connection between colon health and overall well-being that drives her and her practice methods.

She ensures that each client is treated with dignity and respect in a setting that is private and encourages self-reflection. The finest hygienic and ergonomic equipment is used, facilitating total sanitation and efficiency. The 45- to 60-minute procedure consists of a gentle and thorough colon cleansing in a relaxed, comfortable environment, complete with soothing music, cascading water and aromatherapy.

Through a series of sessions Marcano-Pucillo is able to help clients develop and implement their own path to wellness using colon hydrotherapy as one of many strategies that leads to positive outcomes. She is adept at helping clients make connections between colon health and overall health and wellness. 

“I believe in treating the person as a whole and consider colon hydrotherapy an important step in the holistic process of managing one’s health and well-being.”

640 Washington St., Dedham • 781-329-3800 • [email protected]