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Sollievo: Massage, Healing, Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

Dec 23, 2013 04:57PM

Laura Barricelli is a licensed massage therapist and owner of Sollievo, a wellness center that she describes as “a haven from the stresses and stressors of everyday life.” The center offers muscular therapy, craniosacral and neuromuscular work, zero balancing, massage cupping, active isolated stretching, fascial work and a variety of massage techniques including oncology, pre/perinatal, hot stone, Swedish, deep tissue and Thai table massage. Other on-site services include depth hypnotherapy, Reiki, Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, shamanic healing, nutritional and wellness counseling, mental health counseling and energy healing.

Barricelli emphasizes that each person is unique, requiring treatment tailored to individual needs. “It is our job to listen carefully, watch movement, gait patterns and breathing and help unravel the blockages in the body,” she says. Working in tandem with a group of passionate and experienced therapists, the team collaborates and cross-referses with one another to provide the best personalized care possible. “We truly are invested in our clients’ wellness, whether referring internally to another therapist or referring externally to another modality,” says Barricelli. “For us, the client’s care is our first priority.”

She likens complementary medicine to working out at the gym—the effects are cumulative over time. “Just like at the gym, massage therapy takes the same dedication and consistency for change to occur and take hold.” Working not only to relieve acute or chronic pain, Sollievo’s therapists also help bring clients back to balance so that eventually only maintenance is required. “Massage is the only medicine I know of that both feels good and is good for you,” she declares.

Barricelli encourages people to seek natural ways to heal themselves, find wellness and manage stress levels. “Our world keeps spinning faster and faster and we forget that our bodies and minds need nurturing, downtime and rest to perform optimally,” she says.

“The body has a natural ability to heal itself. Massage therapists are catalysts to encourage the hastening of the healing.”

2285 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge • 617-354-3082 • [email protected]


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