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Natural Awakenings Boston

New Light Therapy System at Central Square Health and Wellness

Kristine Jelstrup, owner of Central Square Health and Wellness, announces the addition of the Halo Light Therapy System to her healing practice. Jelstrup says that the method represents a new paradigm in photonic light therapy protocols.

“No other light therapy system remotely compares to the speed of performance and approach that this system offers,” she says. “Halo combines the best of Western medical photonics and electron technology with the purest natural botanicals, herbs and amino acids to produce a bio-treatment system that unites modern and ancient practices.”

The Halo systems uses full spectrum white and violet botanical harmonic applicators to reduce pain from inflammation, infections, insect bites, poisonous plant reactions, arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, headaches, burns, sinus congestion and pain, injuries and all types of acute and chronic pain conditions.

Location: 126 Prospect St. #5, Cambridge. For more information, call 617-833- 3407 or visit