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Coffees Designed for Weight Loss, Energy and Mental Focus from Javita

The Javita Coffee Company, maker of gourmet instant coffees, has introduced a new South American coffee infused with medicinal herbs from Asia. The 100 percent natural coffee is made from estate-grown Arabica and Robusta beans.

The first two coffees in Javita’s new product line are Burn + Control, designed for weight loss and a natural energy boost, and Energy + Mind, which is said to provide sustained energy, enhanced mental clarity and focus. Burn + Control is infused with 600 mg. of healthy phytonutrients from the Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate herbs. The formula was created to enhance fat burning, fuel workouts, increase stamina and cut cravings.

Each cup of Energy + Mind contains 800 mg. of Bacopa Monnieri, Gotu Kola and green tea, herbs that are said to boost memory and concentration while promoting healthy brain function. Later, Javita plans to introduce their Green + Lean instant weight-loss tea, made of Japanese Sencha green tea.

For more information about these and other Javita products, visit MyDailyCuppa.